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In a time of difficulty for everyone, we at Fourways Country Store wanted to make sure we could keep in-touch with our customers and offer something a little different during the current Pandemic.

We have chosen to provide the opportunity to win a prize (chosen from our store) with the purchase of raffle tickets. We are running these Raffles on our Facebook page, where we will upload a photo of the prize, and details of numbers available to buy at 7pm on the day of the raffle. Winners will be drawn live on facebook once all numbers have been sold.

We are not making a profit from our raffle draws. We are ‘selling’ tickets to the retail value of the prize on offer. Once all the tickets have been sold to cover the cost of the prize, we will draw the winner. This means that in the current difficulties we can still trade and more importantly keep in touch with all our lovely customers who could also get something fantastic for a lot less if they win the draw!

For clarity, we have listed draw terms below. If you have any queries then of course, get in touch with us.

Fourways Country Store Raffle Details and Terms

  • Fourways Country Store, Fole, Staffordshire are running Raffles, not for profit, to maintain contact with customers and continue to trade during the current difficulties due to the Pandemic.
  • Tickets are £2 each.
  • Tickets are sold which equate to the equal retail value of the prize on offer. For example, the retail price is £40, we will sell 20 tickets at £2 each.
  • We do not sell tickets to under 18’s or staff of Fourways Country Store.
  • Tickets are sold on a ‘first come first served’ basis.
  • Customers can choose a number (dependent on the number of tickets for each prize) and payment can be taken in-store or via PayPal at which point the customer will receive confirmation of their number. One ticket will be sold per number and customers can purchase more than one number should they wish if available.
  • Raffles begin at 7pm where we will upload a photo of the actual prize on offer along with details on the number of tickets available.
  • To ensure ‘fair play’ the raffles are drawn live on Facebook and we use an online random number generator to select the winning number.
  • Raffles will be drawn once all numbers for a draw have been sold.
  • The winner will be notified by Facebook message and publicised on our Facebook Business Page. If they have not claimed their raffle prize within 7 days we will carry out the draw again and a new winner will be chosen and contacted under the same terms.
  • Winners can collect their prize in-store (within current social distancing guidelines) or can ask about delivery options.
  • If a customer has any queries or concerns about our Raffle they are encouraged to contact Fourways Country Store by telephone on 01889 507177 or by email